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Take control of your organization's data storage infrastructure - or run the risk of drowning in the data while starving for knowledge

At the heart of all growing businesses in today’s interconnected world is data. Organizations of every industry, size and geographic location are faced with the same challenge – how to control their data and put it to good use. When used properly, these overwhelming levels of information can be turned into an invaluable source of business knowledge and competitive advantage, with the help of Data Defined Storage.

Embrace revolutionary data centric storage approaches, taking full advantage of the untapped value unleashed in proprietary data

Tarmin’s new data centric business model revolutionizes the storage and management of data and addresses the opportunities presented by the big data explosion. Tarmin delivers a measurable positive impact to your organization's top and bottom line.

GridBank manages petabytes of information to gain insights into customer behavior, operational efficiencies, and more informed business decisions

Tarmin has succeeded in pinpointing the pitfalls of traditional storage architectures, and has established a threshold for a new innovative data centric approaches that continuously evolve to address a large range of ever-changing needs against the growing and dynamic data landscape. Maximize the value of your information and bring your data storage to the next level with Data Defined Storage.

Motivated by the unsurmountable volumes of data combined with the pressure to do more with less, Tarmin has discovered the critical link between data and opportunity

Tarmin makes it possible to architect and execute a data centric strategy that ensures massive scalability, meets increasing compliance regulations, and taps into the full value of an organizations vast data stores, while gaining a greater competitive advantage. This next generation of data management is critically important for your data, employees, partners, clients, and the future overall success of your organization.

As 2015 gets underway, tackling unstructured data challenges is on everyone’s agenda. Tarmin makes it easy for organizations to simplify their data management infrastructure by utilizing a unique data centric approach

It’s a new year, there are new resolutions, new strategies, and new outlooks on how organizations should handle their data storage needs. Modernize, evolve and step into 2015 with a rock solid foundation by establishing a unique data centric storage strategy. In the months ahead, data will double, BYOD and mobility initiatives will rise, regulatory mandates will intensify, costs will increase and management will want a solution…is your infrastructure ready?