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Tarmin has designed a revolutionary data centric solution that streamlines insight to value, simplifies data management and reduces total cost of ownership

Storing information and managing it properly is critical to a company’s behind the scenes success. Today’s IT landscape is putting a huge burden on organizations who are faced with unprecedented challenges in managing vast unstructured data growth. Choose a modern data centric infrastructure that delivers instrumental value year after year; choose Tarmin GridBank.

Data silos, barriers and bottlenecks block business critical information sharing; it’s time to free and unite your data in a scalable data centric infrastructure

Appeal to your customers, by first repealing traditional data storage infrastructures that cannot scale to meet today’s growing demands. In the years to come there will be increasingly more stringent data security and privacy requirements, more sharing of data, frequent regulatory requests, and stricter and more expansive compliance obligations. The industry, competition, and especially customers will mandate organizations to become data centric, well-oiled machines to deliver unparalleled value from datasets, on-demand availability, bullet-proof governance and reduced total cost of ownership. Tarmin GridBank offers the flexibility and affordability to meet your data challenges today, tomorrow and for years to come.

Tarmin Partners with Itakane ICT to Satisfy High Growth Market

New Partnership to expand Tarmin’s global distribution network into South Africa

BOSTON, Mass. - April 19, 2016 – Tarmin Inc., a global pioneer of Data Defined Storage solutions, announced today that it has launched Itakane ICT as a channel partner for the distribution of Tarmin GridBank Solutions.

Tarmin Announces Expansion of Reseller Network with StreamcomLive

Fast Growing Solution Providers Build and Expand Business with Tarmin GridBank

BOSTON, Mass. - April 13, 2016 – Tarmin Inc., a global pioneer of Data Defined Storage solutions, announced today a new Value Added Reseller (VAR) agreement with StreamcomLive. Concentrating on expanding the network of Data Defined Storage solutions, StreamcomLive will provide sales, marketing and professional service expertise around the GridBank product range.

Breaking down barriers and collectively working towards tackling the big data conundrum is a priority placed on most organizations, don’t let your storage infrastructure hold you back

With advances in technology, the non-stop generation of unstructured data on a never-before-seen scale is revolutionizing business in the 21st century. Data is taking on a larger-than-life role and it is expected to continue to grow. As it penetrates every aspect of technology, companies will wrestle with not just volumes but varieties of data. The complexity of this paradigm shift must be confronted by data defined storage.