Industry Solutions

Tarmin industry solutions provide a comprehensive data storage and management platform specifically tailored for the needs of industries characterized by massive data growth, increasingly stringent regulatory mandates and high data-driven value. Tarmin provides sector specific solutions to meet tailored feature sets across a broad range of industries, including but not limited to financial services, oil and gas and healthcare.

Financial Services

Simplify the complexity of data compliance, while gaining accurate visibility to key information, a complete unified on-demand view of data for timely access, improved decision making and ultimately drive increased profit margins.

Oil & Gas

Meet the seismic data-intensive demands for the exploration and production of subsurface assets, identify and discover complex datasets, retain data cost-effectively, while seizing opportunities faster, accelerating workflows and delivering revenue generating digital assets.


Tarmin delivers simplified compliance, instant, secure access to information while improving efficiencies, lowering costs and enabling healthcare providers to deliver quality care, knowing their information is protected, accessible and properly managed according to industry standards.