About Tarmin

With big data volumes escalating, driving regulatory risks, Tarmin sees a world of opportunity, gaining actionable insights and business value from information Where Data Defines Value.

Data Centricity: The Future of Data Management

Tarmin, the pioneer of Data Defined Storage solutions, delivers a data centric approach to storage, the next generation of data management solutions.

  • Delivering massive scalability, designed to scale linearly by adding additional nodes granting unparalleled scale-as-you-grow flexibility
  • Transparent & unified approach for consistent data management, retention, security, search & analytics
  • Removes focus on media, type, size & location of data & instead puts emphasis on the data & the value of its content

Enterprise Data Opportunity

Today’s information economy is characterized by large volumes of data growing at ever increasing velocities and greater varieties, GridBank allows organizations to unlock value from their vast data stores.

  • Drawing actionable insights, a capability that is far beyond traditional storage infrastructures & analytics approaches
  • Seizing opportunities before rivals, winning faster time-to-market & gaining competitive business advantage
  • Managing data escalate, while providing future-proof storage solutions designed to scale linearly

The Tarmin Approach

Tarmin enables organizations to store, protect and gain value from data as a competitive asset, by uniting application, information and storage tiers into an integrated data centric management architecture.

  • Unifies & consolidates all enterprise data stores to provide infrastructure flexibility & choice for end users, reducing storage CAPEX & improving efficiencies
  • Policy orchestrated security, reduction & replication to deliver reduced OPEX & reduced business related risks across the data landscape
  • High performance is achieved through the distributed metadata repository, full content indexing, metadata tagging & enhanced search & discovery

Core Values

Tarmin’s core values are at the heart of our organization; they are the fundamental principles that guide the way we operate, the foundation of our strong business, culture and relationship with one another.

  1. Customer – Tarmin is a customer focused organization striving to deliver exceptional customer experience
  2. Performance – we are a high performance culture focused on meeting & exceeding our targets & recognizing our employees for their contribution
  3. Passion – we are passionate about our work, GridBank & the capability it offers the market in enabling a shift towards data centric storage approaches
  4. Employees – Tarmin employees have fun! They act with integrity & trust, respectful to each other & are driven to self-improve
  5. Collaborate – we are one team; we openly communicate, share & value contributions & align our efforts to achieve our mutual success
  6. Innovate – Tarmin encourages innovation in all aspect of its business