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Business partners and leading IT Analyst firms recognize Tarmin GridBank and emerging category Data Defined Storage as a new breed of data management technology enabling customers to realize the value of data as a strategic asset

Gigaom Research

Gigaom Research Report: Unifying petabyte-scale unstructured data: enhancing enterprise data value

The Gigaom Research Report uncovers a new data centric approach that is progressive in design, and enables unity and balance between maintaining current business processes and IT applications while providing the flexibility to develop new ones when the opportunity arises

Report Reveals Data Centric Approach Solves Data Management Complexities


In the latest Gigaom Research report, Unifying petabyte-scale unstructured data: enhancing enterprise data value, Evaluator Group senior partner, John Webster, uncovers that forward-thinking organizations need to implement a data centric approach to:

  • Achieve storage management sustainability
  • Consistently enforce data governance & processes
  • Harness all enterprise unstructured data for big data analytics

To learn more about enhancing enterprise data value and taking a data centric approach, download the Gigaom Research report here.

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