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Business partners and leading IT Analyst firms recognize Tarmin GridBank and emerging category Data Defined Storage as a new breed of data management technology enabling customers to realize the value of data as a strategic asset


Data Defined Storage vs. Object Storage

Organizations need a simple, efficient and flexible data storage technology to adapt to the growing volumes of data, increasingly stringent requirements and tightened IT budgets, Tarmin elaborates how Object Storage is just a technology whereas Data Defined Storage is a solution in this whitepaper

Data Defined Storage vs. Object Storage


Tarmin whitepaper, Data Defined Storage vs Object Storage, describes how object storage falls short of providing a comprehensive solution that enables companies to meet data governance requirements and leverage their information as strategic assets, the whitepaper provides insight on the following:

  • Side by side comparison of storage types
  • The limitations of object storage
  • Data Defined Storage architecture

To learn more about Data Defined Storage, Tarmin GridBank, the premier Data Defined Storage solution, and the benefits delivered beyond object storage, read the whitepaper here.

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