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Business partners and leading IT Analyst firms recognize Tarmin GridBank and emerging category Data Defined Storage as a new breed of data management technology enabling customers to realize the value of data as a strategic asset


IDC Link: Tarmin Launches GridBank 3.0: Data Defined Storage

IDC Analyst Ashish Nadkami, suggests a promising future for Tarmin in the latest IDC Link; GridBank 3.0’s massively scalable model allows businesses to consolidate their data globally across silos to reduce cost…and enhance the value of data.

IDC Link: Tarmin Launches GridBank 3.0: Data Defined Storage


In the IDC Link, Tarmin Launches GridBank 3.0: Data Defined Storage, Ashish Nadkami states that Tarmin has finally gotten the right formula for object platforms, which includes the following features of GridBank that make it unique to the market:

  • Random access performance and global object-level deduplication
  • Referential metadata management and virtual pooling technology
  • Distributed cloud file system across all participating nodes

To learn more about IDC research opinions of Tarmin GridBank download the full paper here.

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