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Tarmin Triumphs Datacentre Solutions Ceremony with ‘Industry Award’

Tarmin Takes Home Top Honor for Innovation in Data Defined Storage

Boston, Mass. – June 12, 2014 – Tarmin Inc., a global pioneer of Data Defined Storage solutions, announced that it was honored with the prestigious Industry Award at the Datacentre Solutions (DCS) Awards ceremony on May 15, 2014 at the Millennium Hotel Mayfair, London. Tarmin was singled out for pioneering the innovative market category, Data Defined Storage. The company’s unique data centric approach and grid architecture of its flagship product, GridBank Data Management Platform, has provided customers with a new way to store and manage data.

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“We are honored to win the esteemed DCS Industry Award and pleased to provide customers with the industry-leading technology, GridBank,” said Shahbaz Ali, president and CEO of Tarmin. “Over the past several years we have focused heavily on innovation with the goal of introducing a new category and technology to the marketplace. This award represents the growing recognition that the future of data management is Data Defined Storage.”

The DCS awards are designed to reward product designers, manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers operating in the data center industry. Tarmin was recognized for pioneering the next generation of data management, Data Defined Storage, which was developed to fulfill the unmet needs of organizations that experience challenges associated with their unstructured data.

Built around the notion of data centricity, Data Defined Storage unlocks the value of data as a strategic business enabler by emphasizing the value of information according to accessibility and content over the traditional parameters of storage media, location and cost. By deploying a data centric approach to data management, businesses are able to leverage data as a strategic asset instead of an ongoing cost center.

“Each year Angel Business Communication recognizes a significant contribution for outstanding achievements in the industry, this award is not voted for by readers but is based on the publisher’s and editorial staff’s opinions,” said Jason Holloway, director of IT publishing, Angel Business Communications. “This year we were delighted to give the Datacentre Solutions 2014 Industry Award to Tarmin for its pioneering Data Defined Storage technology that transforms the way organizations manage, scale, search and gain value from unstructured data by uniting application, information and storage tiers into a single, integrated data centric management architecture.”

The DCS Awards are administered by Angel Business Communications. For more information on this year’s winners, visit http://Tarm.in/DCSWin .

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Tarmin Inc. is the leading pioneer of Data Defined Storage solutions, which unlock the value of data as a strategic business enabler, delivering a massively scalable, transparent and unified approach for consistent data management, storage, retention, security and search across cloud and traditional storage infrastructure. Tarmin GridBank empowers organizations to store, control and understand the value of data as a competitive business asset, no matter its size, location or cost by uniting application, information and storage tiers into a single, integrated data centric management architecture.

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