Demos and Briefings

Get a better understanding of Tarmin and the comprehensive functionality delivered by GridBank along with the extensive benefits offered by Data Defined Storage by viewing one of the demos, presentations and chalk talks included below

Tarmin President and CEO, Shahbaz Ali discusses how Tarmin is a Trailblazer Finalist for its innovative approach that fulfills the gaps in the storage industry and provides a unique data centric approach to data management

Shahbaz Ali Discusses Tarmin’s Data Centric Approach


Tarmin president and CEO, Shahbaz Ali discusses the innovative data centric approach, Data Defined Storage, that addresses the customer issue of managing massive amounts of unstructured data growth. Shahbaz elaborates on how Data Defined Storage solves the massive unstructured data growth, highlighting how this is done through the core innovation pillars:

  • Media Independent Data Storage
  • Data Security & Identity Management
  • Distributed Metadata Repository