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Get a better understanding of Tarmin and the comprehensive functionality delivered by GridBank along with the extensive benefits offered by Data Defined Storage by viewing one of the demos, presentations and chalk talks included below

Steve Duplessie Founder and Senior Analyst at ESG states that data is the key to the control pane, therefore it makes sense to start with data and move out, not the other way around

ESG’s Steve Duplessie Endorses Data Defined


Founder of ESG, Steve Duplessie endorses Data Defined approaches and discuss his misgivings around software-defined stating that:

  • IT is a function of the organization to support the business in order to make money or save money
  • IT’s primary function is to keep, store, deliver and protect corporate data
  • All value that IT facilitates from the business is derived directly from that data

Steve suggests that software-defined can only work systematically if it takes its orders from the data not the recipient, and for those reasons, he suggest organizations consider the concept of Data Defined Storage.